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Beautiful night for a run. #tcsmarathon #teamforkids #astoria #24days (at Astoria Park)


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Nick Offerman hung out backstage to give Tumblr fans some advice on 1820’s literature and how to fall in love

This is really wise advice. 2015 NYC Marathon, this is your training plan. (2014 NYC Marathon - no such luck, we’re running that bad boy.)


Voice actor extraordinaire Rob Paulsen entertained a crowd—and tickled its collective nostalgic bone—with a unique address at the Geek Fan Expo in Detroit. He strayed from what most personalities do at convention Q&As (plug upcoming projects while not disclosing any details about them), reached deep into his rich past of voice acting work, and sang “The Nations of the World” from Animaniacs.

high school just came rushing back to me!



Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

So funny!

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Wicked Medley is up: - Let me know what your favorite song from the medley is! #wickedmedley#hollensfamily  

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omg, I can’t deal with the Fiyero vest. Amazing.

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EXCLUSIVE: Pentatonix joined the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ cast. Here’s who they’re playing

commanderriffraff!!! This is EVERYTHING!


Baby Royalty!

It’s like Prince George meets Prince Joffery!

Dear NYC,
I really need you to pull yourself together.

Dear NYC,

I really need you to pull yourself together.



In remembrance of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013, Lincoln Center renews its promise to bring the healing power of the performing arts to all of our audiences and friends.

From one city to another: we stand with you, #‎BostonStrong.

"The life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction in the life of the nation, is very close to the center of a nation’s purpose – and it is the test of the quality of a nation’s civilization." - John F. Kennedy





Oh, Game of Thrones. I’ve just decided everyone dies.